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Junior High

Junior Botany and Zoology Division

101Swimmers Vs. Singers Pulmonary FunctionsLa Colina Junior High SchoolRachel Rabinowitz
102Indigenous MicroorganismsLa Colina Junior High SchoolJonathan Britton
103Live Bait vs. Artificial Bait in FishingSanta Barbara Junior HighKai Zukor
104The Effect of Albuterol, Atorvastatin & Erythromycin on the Lifespan of CaeLa Colina Junior High SchoolRyan Belkin
105Effects of Different Types of Water on Plant GrowthSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolSarah Do-Reynoso
107Are Fingerprint Patterns InheritedDunn SchoolBlake Gebhardt
108Monarch Caterpillars and Their FoodGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolJack Peterson
109The effect of gag and snaffle bits on horsesSanta Barbara Junior HighMaxine Beck
110The Effects of Drought on Starch ProductionGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolLilandra Isaacs

Junior Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Sciences Division

201Reward vs Punishment: Who Scored Better?La Colina Junior High SchoolAnna Lucia Muñoz
202Multilingualism: Its Effect on MemoryLa Colina Junior High SchoolSophia Madsen
203Change in a HeartbeatDunn SchoolEmma Johnson
204HR and VR: The Effect of Virtual Reality on Heart RateLa Colina Junior High SchoolAnisa Saleh
205The Effect of Gender Stereotypes on How People Remember a StorySanta Barbara Junior HighKatherine Casey
206Gaming PreferencesVista de las Cruces SchoolJade Hjelstrom
207Branding and its effects on Consumer Choices and SatisfactionGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolAntonio Cortijo Rodgers
208The Effects of Signage Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolVivian Avila
209Which Age Group Is More Susceptible To Peer Pressure?Solvang SchoolManuela Flores
210What helps our memory?Solvang SchoolJohann Cheran
Jonathan Shepard
211What You Can't SeeSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolOlivia Carlyle
212The Placebo EffectSolvang SchoolJoshua Santos
Mohanad Trad
213Distractions in the School Environment Solvang SchoolCora Blanchard
214The Relationship Between Font Preference and Personality TypeGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolIsabella Valentine
215how sleep deprivation impacts students' memoryGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolHanna Beck
216Music and Emotions Vista de las Cruces SchoolAubriana Fitzsimmons
217Sporty or ScaryVista de las Cruces SchoolStephanie Nolasco
218DO SMELLS AND COLORS AFFECT MEMORY?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolMigle Janusonis

Junior Environmental Sciences Division

301Reducing Soil Erosion with Different Types of PlantsLa Colina Junior High SchoolHaley Buttimer
302What filtration method works best on raw waterSanta Barbara Junior HighIxaka Craviotto-Velasco
303Effect of Pollution on Sea LifeSanta Barbara Junior HighAndre Battle
304Water Purification by Solar-Powered DistillationGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolCalvin Weimbs
305Going Up In Flames: Soil BacteriaLa Colina Junior High SchoolShreya Rajappa
306How Fertilizer Affects Algae Growth in Creek WaterSanta Barbara Junior HighOrion Norris
307Acid Rain & The Food On Your TableLa Colina Junior High SchoolSofia Wallace
308Nanotechnology and Oil SpillsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolIsabella Moore
309Cut Flower PreservationSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolAlana Blue
310The Effect of CO2 on TemperatureSanta Barbara Junior HighHannah Song
311FirenadoesVista de las Cruces SchoolAdam Pata

Junior Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology Division

401Using Daphnia to detect water safety La Colina Junior High SchoolNikhil Gupta
402What Works? Natural and and Synthetic Medicine vs E.ColiLa Colina Junior High SchoolLorelei Geyer Lamb
403The Growth of Plants Using Diferente Types of FertilizersSolvang SchoolKorina Jimenez
404Commotion in the OceanLa Colina Junior High SchoolCaitlin O'Flynn
405Temperature TakedownDunn SchoolLiana Erenberg
406Fresher LeftoversVista de las Cruces SchoolMcKinley Weatherford
407The 5 Second RuleGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolMarina Fay
408How Much Bacteria Is On Your Reusable Bag?La Colina Junior High SchoolLily Landeros
409A Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Additives on Various Crystal Structures, Lattices, and PhysGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolAthena Wigo
410To Freeze Or Not To FreezeSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolCharles Fittipaldi
411The Vinegar Effect: Cancer Cure?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolKaia Moehlis
412FIVE SECOND RULE FACT OR MYTHSolvang SchoolCole Correll
Cole Snodgrass
413Who Has the Cleanest/Dirtiest MouthSolvang SchoolHayden Brown
414The New Penicillin: How Can the Virus, T4R, be used to Effectively Eliminate the Bacterium, E. Coli Solvang SchoolAudrey Fuette
Andrew Bunke
415What Effect Does Carbon Dioxide Have on Algae Growth?Solvang SchoolBridget Atchinson
Ava Casey
416How do we resemble our parents?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolDavid Taekyeong Jeong
417Do Local Water Sources Contain Harmful Microbes?Solvang SchoolCaleb Cassidy
Sam Vacca
418Phone vs ToiletSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolHarrison Boeddeker
419Water Desalination And It's PowerGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolArjun Gunda

Junior Physics, Electronics, and Computer Sciences Division

501Can You Hear Me Faster? Environmental Effects on the Speed of SoundLa Colina Junior High SchoolTaryn Sager
502The Association Between Cybersecurity Knowledge and Password StrengthLa Colina Junior High SchoolGavin Jimerson
503Powering a Maglev VehicleSanta Barbara Junior HighTaylor Wolf
504How Wing Angle Affects the Lift and Drag of Paper AirplanesGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolIan Larkin
506Tire Pressure’s Effect on Fuel EconomySanta Barbara Junior HighEvan Kirkhart
507The Effect of Heat on CopperSanta Barbara Junior HighEmma Zuffelato
508How fast is the universe expanding?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolDevin Ross
Sadie Stout
509Do Older Microwave Ovens Leak More Electromagnetic Radiation?Santa Barbara Junior HighDominic Wilson
510When Does It Makes Sense to Pay for High-Priced Disposable AA Batteries?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolRyan Wiedermann

Junior Mechanical and Earth Sciences Division

601A Better Backpacking StoveLa Colina Junior High SchoolJacob Snodgress
602Feel the Burn: The Effects of Fabric Softener on FlammabilityLa Colina Junior High SchoolCourtney Kelly
603Hydrofoil "T" Foil vs. "L" FoilSanta Barbara Junior HighRyan Satterberg
604Can natural fibers replace carbon fibers in composite materials?La Colina Junior High SchoolMarc Brown
605Erosion and the Effect of Floods on our ValleyDunn SchoolZefa Tullis - Thompson
606Concussion Santa Barbara Junior HighTimo Williamson
607Thinning and Thickening Non-Newtonian FluidsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolDaniel Truong
608Melting IceSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolErika Nares
609Gauss GunGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolBenjamin Wilt
610How Turbulence Affects the Lift of PropellersGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolZephan Bornfreund

Junior Engineering

701Simple Circuits for the UndevelopedLa Colina Junior High SchoolKai Edick
702Plastic Ocean ComotionLa Colina Junior High SchoolJillian Avila
703Rocket Flight - Does Fin Shape Matter?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolSheldon Leufkens
704Magnets vs. ElectromagnetsSolvang SchoolHarry Mullin
705What is the Best Golf Ball Hitting Contraption?Dunn SchoolQuinn Stacy
706Comparing Models of the Howe Truss and Pratt Truss BridgesGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolBen Bailey
707Games For The LimblessSolvang SchoolNoah Ovesen
Ben Watkins
708Rabbit and Quinn's ROVDunn SchoolJack Barnes
709How To Make Effective Rocket Fuel at HomeSanta Barbara Junior HighJacob Mansbach
Eric Larson
710Creating Biofuel from Used Food ProductsLa Colina Junior High SchoolHaley Ellis
Ben Webber
711How does aerodynamics impact the performance of a rocket?Dunn SchoolTsering Hauenstein

Senior High

Senior Life Sciences Division

801How Do Commercials Affect Heart RatePioneer Valley HSMartha Perez
802The Role of Opsins in the Detection of Bitter Taste Cate SchoolJennifer Soh
803Harmful Algal Blooms of Phytoplankton in the Santa Barbara ChannelLaguna Blanca SchoolNatalie McCaffery
804A Quantitative Study of Bacteria in Makeup Applicators Santa Maria High SchoolElizah Hernandez
805Clinal Variation and Elevational Divergence in Calyx Color in Streptanthus tortuosusDos Pueblos High SchoolAlexia Li

Senior Physical Sciences Division

901A Comparison of Wind Turbine Sound Levels Produced by Various Biomimicry Designed BladesPioneer Valley HSNaomi Mau
902An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Human Hair HygrometersPioneer Valley HSMia Placencia
903The Effects of a Cooling System on the Power Production of a Solar PanelPioneer Valley HSOmar Mata
904A Multiyear Study of Particulate Matter in Santa Maria, CA Santa Maria High SchoolJennifer Hernandez-Mora
905A Study of the Effectiveness of Commercially Available Soil Erosion Control ProductsSanta Maria High SchoolIsabella Blanco
906The Effects of Riblets on DragSan Marcos High SchoolIvar Bjork

Senior Engineering

1001Predicting Terrorist Attacks in Afghanistan Using Multivariate Regression and Time Series AnalysisDos Pueblos High SchoolLeo Glikbarg
1002Optimizing Microwave Field Profile for a Quantum SensorDos Pueblos High SchoolJacob Kim-Sherman
1003Acoustic Interface for Body Resonance MusicDos Pueblos High SchoolAnjali Thakrar