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Junior High

Junior Botany and Zoology Division

101 Light Effect on Bioluminescent PlanktonLa Colina Junior High SchoolZoe Javanbakht
102What is the Effect of Different Fish Foods on Plant Growth in an Aquaponics System?La Colina Junior High SchoolMarilee Larned
103How salt water affects plant growthLa Colina Junior High SchoolAri Rabinowitz
Jack Wilson
Joe Pasternack
104The Effects of Color on Plant GrowthLa Colina Junior High SchoolWill Rubison
105I Love This Song: Music’s Impact on the Modifiable Risk Factors for Heart DiseaseSolvang SchoolBeck Mortensen
106How does water salinity affect the growth of tomato plants?Solvang SchoolGael Torres
107What animal adapts quicker to its environment, a rat or mouse? La Colina Junior High SchoolOlivia Miller
108How does fitness throughout the week effect your lung capacity?La Colina Junior High SchoolJaiden Gengo
Helena Manar

Junior Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Sciences Division

201Two Truths and a LieLa Colina Junior High SchoolSawyer Peña
202Parent PerceptionSolvang SchoolSophia Coleman
Lily Tullis
203Power of SuggestionSolvang SchoolShannon Morehouse
204Effective methods for spreading information about the Genetic RevolutionDunn SchoolMatthew Musson
205How Music Affects the Human MindLa Colina Junior High SchoolKendal Benelli
Judah Nisen
206Does Color Affect Food Preferences? Solvang SchoolYunnuen Aparicio
207Does Age Affect Food Behavior?Solvang SchoolJazmin Flamenco
208What Drives People’s Behavior to Incorrectly Dispose of Medications, Greases and Coffee Grounds and Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolGabriele Scussat
209Assessing the Effect of VOT on the Perception of English ConsonantsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolEamon Gordon
210What Effects whether someone is Extroverted or IntrovertedSanta Barbara Junior HighCharley Raymond
211Test Score VS ExerciseSolvang SchoolStephanie Pedersen
212Mood & Behavior Effects of LightingSolvang SchoolRoan Cassidy
Tate Minus

Junior Environmental Sciences Division

301Seawall or Recurve Wall? Which is the Most Affective Wall Against Storm Surge?La Colina Junior High SchoolAston Smith
302Sorbents and Oil SpillsSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolNorah Ferguson
303What Type of Fire Retardant Works the Best?Dunn SchoolAria Vue Daugherty
304Is There Microplastics In Our Water?Solvang SchoolAddison Bunke
Pel Sokolova
305Comparing Species of Algae for Carbon Dioxide Absorption to Combat Global WarmingLa Colina Junior High SchoolJed Greenwald
306How Pollutants Affect Oxygen Production On Aquatic PlantsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolSagarika Manian
307Sequestration Maximization: How Plant Species Affect Carbon SequestrationDunn SchoolAlexander Grenier
308Is a Zero Waste Classroom Possible?Solvang SchoolKeddy Thomsen
309Beware Of Lead Ahead Solvang SchoolOpal Vander Vliet
Kimberly Medina

Junior Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology Division

401The Domestic Suitability of Municipal MulchSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolViolet Christman
402Watch Out for the Fizz!!St. Raphael Elementary SchoolTara Gregson
403Best method for cleaning a toothbrushSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolJaymie Froelicher
404Got Milk? Understanding Lactose IntoleranceSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolAnna Fittipaldi
405Gummy Bear OsmosisSolvang SchoolHunter Barrett
406Germaphobes watch out!Solvang SchoolIkenna Ofiaeli
Adrain Garcia
407Synthetic versus Natural AntibioticsLa Colina Junior High SchoolNoa Margalith
408Yin-Yang bacteriaSanta Barbara Junior HighAbigail Lopez

Junior Physics, Electronics, and Computer Sciences Division

501The Effect Of Video Games On Fine Motor SkillsSanta Barbara Junior HighAndrew Janigian
502How Convenient are Electromagnets to Use In Daily ActivitiesLa Colina Junior High SchoolJason Wang
503Does Internet Throttling Exist?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolRyan Davis

Junior Mechanical and Earth Sciences Division

601How Homemade Bioplastic Compares to Manufactured Biodegradable Plastic Dunn SchoolOscar Aguayo
602Magnet TemperaturesSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolEliana Urzua
603The Effect of Water Volume on Rocket Height Santa Barbara Junior HighAva Gay
Eva Zackrison
604Does the weight of a bag affect the strength?La Colina Junior High SchoolCristina Wickline
Sydney Shaw
605Soils for foundationSanta Barbara Junior HighPaulo Lange
Jamison Savellano

Junior Engineering

701Can a robot write?La Colina Junior High SchoolLuca De Angelis
702How do different terrain types affect the driving performance of a wheeled robotLa Colina Junior High SchoolLuis Prieto-Moreno
703How do different soils affect foundaitonsSanta Barbara Junior HighPaulo Lange
704Which windmill blade material is most effective?Solvang SchoolIlan Torres
705Bottle rocket Santa Barbara Junior HighAlexander Murren

Senior High

Senior Life Sciences Division

801The Consumption and Effects of Polyethylene on Wax WormsPioneer Valley HSJesonfel Laya
802Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and the Potential Threat to SocietyPioneer Valley HSErnesto Gomez
803An Investigation of Bacteria in Knockoff and Genuine CosmeticsPioneer Valley HSElizabeth Valencia
804Gamers vs Non- gamers time reaction test Santa Maria High SchoolNashali Vicente Lopez
805Natural variation in migratory behavior of worms Dos Pueblos High SchoolTaekyeong Jeong
806Does The Storage Of A Toothbrush Affect Bacteria Buildup Overtime?Pioneer Valley HSAlexis DeHorta

Senior Physical Sciences Division

901Particulate Matter Emissions From Gas-Burning AutomobilesPioneer Valley HSDaisy Cisneros Herrera
902Radiofrequency Radiation Emissions From PhonesPioneer Valley HSDamian Magana
903A Study of Particulates Emitted by Indoor Air Fresheners Pioneer Valley HSJulia Vargas
904The Optimal Volleyball ShoeRighetti High SchoolRylee Sheils
905Identification and Analysis of Biomarkers Correlated With Traumatic Brain InjurySanta Barbara High SchoolRoger Marcellin