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Junior High

Junior Botany and Zoology Division

101The Effect of Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes on PlantsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolEdo Barel
102A future without flowers - the effect of chilling on bulbsSolvang SchoolKira Scheck
103Does Stride Length Affect Throwing Velocity of a Baseball?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolRyan Speshyock
104Webbed WinnersSolvang SchoolAddie Shelly
Serena Gollis
Janey Pakulski
105How Do Tides Affect FishingSanta Barbara Junior HighJulian Gaede
106The Effect of Magnetoreception in CricketsSolvang SchoolSamona Gielow
Madison Judy
107The Effect of Playing A String Instrument On Ring Finger LengthSanta Barbara Junior HighJason Quito Alvarez
108Water Pollution vs PlantsLa Colina Junior High SchoolLidetu Ayalew
109The Effect of Water Temperature on PhytoplanktonSanta Barbara Junior HighStella Reid
110Effect of Grooming on a Horse's Heart RateGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolClara Rickey
111Natural Ant RepellentsLa Colina Junior High SchoolMalo Vanier
112How Temperature Affects the Expression of a Jellyfish Glow GeneLa Colina Junior High SchoolKylie Rameson
113Peppy PlantsSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolAlina Rodriguez

Junior Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Sciences Division

201The Effect of Color Temperature on Perception of Visual MediaLa Colina Junior High SchoolIsabelle Kim-Sherman
202Just Do It .... YourselfLa Colina Junior High SchoolOwen Weddington
203Piano Music and Its Effect on Human PhysiologyLa Colina Junior High SchoolLandon Hellman
204Video Games And MemoryGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolDylan Prothero
205The Effect of Learning an Instrument in Reading ComprehensionSanta Barbara Junior HighLilyanna Jaimes
206How does the light from technology screens affect how well you sleep?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolConnor Flint
207Does Changing the Color a Person Sees Affect Their Performance in a Video GameGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolEthan Foong
208How does the type of mechanical keyboard switch affect the productivity of humans?Dunn SchoolBernie Grunzweig
209The Music of Memory: How Singing Affects the Ability to LearnGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolHattie Ugoretz
210The Effects of Multiplayer Video Games on People's LonelinessSanta Barbara Junior HighDavis Flanagin
211How Does Information About Food Sourcing Influence What We Choose to Eat?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolSarah Dent
212The Effects of Primary Colors on Human PerceptionsGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolAya Al Sabeh
213Is one type of illusion more deceiving than others?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolSabrina Valerjev
214The Effect Of Time On Ethical DecisionsSanta Barbara Junior HighBenjamin Purvis
215The Effect of Personal Space On Age Santa Barbara Junior HighElla Nuhn
216Single Use Plastic Straws. Taken by Habit? Taken by Preference? Or Taken with Ignorance?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolSamsara Chahine
217Does Music Affect the Tone and Emotion of a Movie?La Colina Junior High SchoolSiena Kelly
218Do kids with special needs work better with student helpers or adult aides?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolElena Andrews
219Where is the Dog?Solvang SchoolJeanelle Needham
220How Sleep Deprivation Affects Athletic PerformanceGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolFranklin Truong
221Where's the Color?Solvang SchoolKeddy Thomsen
222The Effect of Putting Drills on Putting PerformanceSanta Barbara Junior HighLeo Metzger
223The Effect of Color on the Flavor of Ice CreamGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolMorgan Parisse
224LGBTQ+ RightsSolvang SchoolZoe Kazali
Tabitha Pearigen
Grace Munoz
225The Effect of Multitasking on Pace Santa Barbara Junior HighBlanca Juan
226The Effect of Placebos and Nocebos on FocusSanta Barbara Junior HighKyle Fitton
227The Accuracy of Eyewitness TestimonySolvang SchoolSofia Monsalud
Chloe Johnson

Junior Environmental Sciences Division

301Measuring the Impact of Management Practices at Coal Oil Point: Protecting the Endangered Western SnLa Colina Junior High SchoolMaya Klanfer
302Impact of Rainfall on Groundwater Well Salinity and Water LevelGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolMargherita Scussat
303What Outdoor Material Will Best Prevent a Mudslide?Solvang SchoolLogan DeLeon
304How Does The Moon Affect The TidesGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolKai Bostwick
305Effect of Water Acidity on Shell Dissolution Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolJulian Choi
306The affect of kelp on the acidity of waterSolvang SchoolPaige Halme
Felice Pulido
307The Effect of Straw Material on Straw DurabilitySanta Barbara Junior HighGarrett Haller
308The Effect of CO2 on PlantsSanta Barbara Junior HighGabriel Gil
309How do Plants Affect MudslidesSolvang SchoolAbby Snow
310The Final StrawLa Colina Junior High SchoolRomy Greenwald
311Brush Burn TimesSolvang SchoolOwen Hirth
312Which Bathroom Tissue is Environment-Friendly Solvang SchoolStephanie Pedersen
313Greywater vs. CleanwaterLa Colina Junior High SchoolHolly Hadsall
314Chemical KelpSolvang SchoolShannon Morehouse
Sophia Coleman
315Does Dirt Drain?La Colina Junior High SchoolEllie Naftaly

Junior Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology Division

401Bacteria Lurks in Every CornerLa Colina Junior High SchoolEvan Garcia
402The Shape of WaterLa Colina Junior High SchoolBen Naftali
403How Does Ultraviolet Light Affect Skin Cell Growth?La Colina Junior High SchoolEliza Bell
404What Makes Mirror Glaze So Reflective?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolElizabeth Squires
*405Does the 5 Second Rule Keep us Safe?Solvang SchoolLily Tullis
Gyzel Hernandez
406What is the buoyant force of helium?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolNoah Girdler
408The Effect of Antibacterials on BacteriaSanta Barbara Junior HighEden Lazarus
409Where Are the Most Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria?La Colina Junior High SchoolBrianna Julio
410Electrolytes St. Raphael Elementary SchoolSiena Urzua
411Germ Reduction in Kitchen SpongesSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolViolet Christman
412Leaf ChromatographySt. Raphael Elementary SchoolAngela Solodkin
*413BacteriaSt. Raphael Elementary SchoolAlexandra Aguilar
*414Electrolyte ChallengeNotre Dame SchoolCarlos Zavala

Junior Physics, Electronics, and Computer Sciences Division

501Light Pollution vs. Pleiades Star ClusterLa Colina Junior High SchoolAidan Mullen
502The Effect of Training Data on Machine LearningLa Colina Junior High SchoolCooper Costello
503Fruits as Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolAlison Togami
504How Does the Density of Wood Affect the Frequency of Vibrations?Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolThomas Chase
505What Angle of Ramp Propels you the Furthest.Goleta Valley Junior High SchoolFinn Phillips
506The Effects of Dice Features on their Fairness Santa Barbara Junior HighJose Luis Lange
507Most Effective CoilgunGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolWilliam Shen
508Call It In The AirLa Colina Junior High SchoolReese Hafner
509The Effect of Mass and Launch Angle on a Catapultís Ball Travel Distance Santa Barbara Junior HighJennifer Sanchez

Junior Mechanical and Earth Sciences Division

601Effect of daggerboard depth on different points of sailingLa Colina Junior High SchoolEoghan Gloster
602Straw StatisticsLa Colina Junior High SchoolMadeline Nees
603The Best Angle for Collecting Solar EnergyGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolKasey Hartman
604Floating PucksGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolAidan Thomas
605The effect of different liquid densities on a hydroelectric turbineSanta Barbara Junior HighMia Marcillac
606Toilet Paper AbsorbencySt. Raphael Elementary SchoolNorah Ferguson
607How does Fabric Softener affect the Flammability of different fabrics?La Colina Junior High SchoolHannah Nguyen

Junior Engineering

701What is the Most Effecient AirfoilLa Colina Junior High SchoolBeck Ramsey
702Why Should We Use Thermal Cameras In Self-Driving Cars?Santa Barbara Junior HighAshley Posch
703What Materials can improve the strength of a faraday cage Solvang SchoolAlex Keever
704Tesla Coil and How It WorksHome SchooledPeter Lee
705The Effect of Weight on Flywheel PerformanceSanta Barbara Junior HighJack Garza
706The Effect of Cable Diameter on Bridge Strength Santa Barbara Junior HighAmelia Mendro
707The accuracy of an ultrasonic sensorLa Colina Junior High SchoolRoshan Kattil
708Stator Magnet Effect on Motor RPMLa Colina Junior High SchoolEverett Young
709Solar Powered Evaporative Cooled DoghouseGoleta Valley Junior High SchoolJemma Helzer

Senior High

Senior Life Sciences Division

801Development of New Methods to Defeat Bacterial InfectionsSan Marcos High SchoolElias Bazan
802Gassy Plants: How does the Type of Plant Affect the Quantity of Ethanol It Can Yield?San Marcos High SchoolDylan Sager
803 Superiority in Grip Strength: Athletes or Non-athletes? Pioneer Valley HSJulia Vargas
804Micro-particulates found on California BeachesRighetti High SchoolBrandon Espiritu
805An Investigation of Tooth Decay Caused By Various SodasRighetti High SchoolCarissa Freeman
806A Study of the Public Perception of Nutrition and HealthPioneer Valley HSNaomi Mau
807The Effects of UV Radiation on Caenorhabditis Elegans Growth RateDos Pueblos High SchoolLi Meinhold
808The Effects of Non-Mendelian GenticsDos Pueblos High SchoolTaekyeong Jeong

Senior Physical Sciences Division

901Calculating the Total Number of Disposable Water Bottles Sold in my CommunityRighetti High SchoolAkemi Karamitsos
902The Effectiveness of Nanoparticle Sunscreen vs Chemical-based sunscreens against UV RaysPioneer Valley HSIvan Aguilar
903A Study of Particulates Emitted from PrintersPioneer Valley HSMia Placencia
904Using The Venturi Effect to Optimize The Efficiency of an Air ConditionerSan Marcos High SchoolPatrick Benz
Andrew Frohling